Fixating on What’s Important: Scheduling

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by Bill Fix

I saw a one-liner recently that the receptionist/scheduler at the dentist’s office will “look you dead in the eye and ask if you’re available for your next appointment in 6 months and one day from now.” Most of us aren’t scheduling a ton of things that far out so it’s easy to set a date and pencil it in. Booking the next dental cleaning as soon as we finish the current appointment helps ensure we actually make it back in and don’t forget to plan for it. Scheduling helps us stay on track for important priorities.

What things do you schedule? Lunch dates, workouts, entertainment? Do you set aside time in advance to pray or study your Bible?

Are you available next Sunday at 10 AM? If you’re not planning to join us for Bible study, why not? We’d love to have you.

Are you available next Sunday at 11? Are you planning to assemble with other Christians to worship God and take the Lord’s supper like the churches in the first century (Acts 20:7)? What could be more important?

Are you available for eternity? Most people don’t plan to fail; they just fail to plan…

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