Fixating on What’s Important: A Dad’s Legacy

by Bill Fix As Father’s Day is upon us, I found a 2019 poll that addressed what people said they learned from their fathers. Here’s a sample of the results: 29% – How to cook dinner or grill meat 28% – How to put up a tent 26% – How to tie a necktie 26%Continue reading “Fixating on What’s Important: A Dad’s Legacy”

Fixating on What’s Important: Bible Revisions

by Bill Fix Although published two years ago, I read an article just a few days ago from The Babylon Bee and was surprised at how believable this satirical piece was. Entitled “New WikiBible Lets Anyone Edit the Scriptures” (published June 7, 2019), this piece seemed so accurate I actually checked online to see ifContinue reading “Fixating on What’s Important: Bible Revisions”

Fixating on What’s Important: Finding Answers

by Bill Fix The news this past week has been dominated by the story of yet another tragic school shooting and various politicians and commentators offering numerous solutions to prevent such disasters from happening in the future. Regardless of whether state, local, and federal governments move to ban or restrict access to certain firearms, provideContinue reading “Fixating on What’s Important: Finding Answers”

Fixating on What’s Important: Reading

by Bill Fix A few days ago, I stopped by a bagel shop for breakfast and a change of scenery to finish some work. While there, I observed a group of women meeting for breakfast and a devotional/Bible study. Near the end of their meeting, I couldn’t help but here one lady express to theContinue reading “Fixating on What’s Important: Reading”

Why “Liberal” and “Conservative” Churches of Christ?

By Robert Harkrider (Aug. 27, 2017) During the past three decades many have asked this question. Some sincere brethren who have been caught up in one stream or another never fully understood, and many who were too young before have now grown to adulthood wondering why. It is therefore a good question worthy of repeatedContinue reading “Why “Liberal” and “Conservative” Churches of Christ?”

How Did the Termite Evolve?

By Fred Melton (Truth Magazine, Mar. 16, 1972) If you want to see an evolutionist squirm, ask him how the termite evolved. Oh, he will have an answer all right, but you’ll have to try hard to keep a straight face when he explains it to you. According to current evolutionary theory (it’s changed someContinue reading “How Did the Termite Evolve?”

Where Are the Sinners?

by Robert F. Turner (STUFF ABOUT THINGS, 1976) Has anyone seen a plain, old-fashioned sinner lately? They are getting mighty hard to find. If the prodigal son were living today (as if he were not), he wouldn’t be a sinner. A juvenile delinquent perhaps, but his parents would be to blame for that. “There areContinue reading “Where Are the Sinners?”

Fixating on What’s Important: Change

by Bill Fix What is our focus in discussing religious matters with others and teaching the gospel? Are we merely trying to get someone to switch a denominational allegiance and be “COC”? Are we focused so much on baptism that we downplay the importance of faith and true repentance? May it not be so. BecomingContinue reading “Fixating on What’s Important: Change”

What Faith Is All About

By Robert F. Turner (Plain Talk, June 1981) Some years back I received word that a dear friend and brother in the Lord was dying with cancer. I wrote a letter to him, which said in part: “They say you are going to die—like the rest of us. What have “they” ever known about anything?Continue reading “What Faith Is All About”