Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching.

1 Timothy 4:13
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God’s Plan for Me

Does God have a specific plan for you? If so, how do you know? What exactly does that plan entail? Can we know who God wants us to marry, what job to take, or what location to live? Questions like this may be difficult to answer definitively, but every indication we can glean from ScriptureContinue reading “God’s Plan for Me”

Peter – Growing into a Rock

In Matthew chapter 16, Jesus gave the Simon Bar-Jonah his more popular name of Peter, i.e., “Rock.” In the context, Peter had just made the great confession, saying that Jesus was the Son of God, and that statement was the rock upon which Jesus would build His church. The faith and boldness of Peter undeniablyContinue reading “Peter – Growing into a Rock”

James, a Son of Thunder

James was one of the “inner three” disciples of Jesus, who was nicknamed by Jesus as “sons of thunder” along with his brother John. Assuming Christ called them this because of their intensity and fiery disposition, our Lord obviously saw something in James that would prove useful to the early growth of the church. DuringContinue reading “James, a Son of Thunder”

Judas the Traitor

The name “Judas” has now become synonymous with betrayal and selling out a friend. But there’s much more to Judas Iscariot than just being a traitor. What would make a dedicated disciple of Jesus turn on Him after following Him for 3 years? The gospel writers indicate that Judas had a problem with greed andContinue reading “Judas the Traitor”

The Thief on the Cross

The “thief on the cross” is a compelling example of a penitent sinner who realized who Jesus was– the only one capable of saving him when he needed it most. While realizing he was receiving justice for the robberies he had committed (and paying for them with his life), he understood that Jesus was aContinue reading “The Thief on the Cross”

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