Some Things Christ Did Not Do

While we understand that Christ came to this earth with all power, from a Biblical and historical perspective, we can be certain of various things that Jesus did and did NOT do. This lesson examines a list of things that Christ did not do–many of which, either denominational folks teach that He did or it would give mankind peace of mind if He had. The points in this list should help us identify with Him and give us comfort that He overcame certain obstacles or set things up a certain way for our benefit:
1) He did not please everyone.
2) He did not release man from responsibility for his actions.
3) He did not successfully teach everyone.
4) He did not save all men.
5) He did not keep all who came to Him–some fell away.
6) He did not save Himself from the cross.
7) He did not and will not save those NOT in the church.

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