Why “Liberal” and “Conservative” Churches of Christ?

By Robert Harkrider (Aug. 27, 2017) During the past three decades many have asked this question. Some sincere brethren who have been caught up in one stream or another never fully understood, and many who were too young before have now grown to adulthood wondering why. It is therefore a good question worthy of repeatedContinue reading “Why “Liberal” and “Conservative” Churches of Christ?”

Fixating on What’s Important: Salvation By (Fire)Works…

By Bill Fix A large church in Knoxville hosted its annual “boom bash” yesterday, advertised as its “family event of the year.” The attraction included the following:  free food, family carnival fun zone, music, classic car cruise-in, and a firework show. Hey, I enjoy fun as much as the next person, but it seems likeContinue reading “Fixating on What’s Important: Salvation By (Fire)Works…”