How Shall We Escape?

The author of Hebrews argues in chapter 2 that if the word of angels (carrying messages from God) was trustworthy in the Old Testament when they declared punishment for disobedience, then how shall we expect to escape today if we similarly are disobedient? This lesson specifically examines angels carrying word to Lot and the city of Sodom in Genesis 18 and 19 as one example of Hebrews 2 being true. The Hebrew writer makes a strong point that we cannot escape condemnation if we neglect our salvation; so if we have no hope for eternity when we neglect salvation, even more so what should those who intentionally defy God’s word expect! Let us remember the examples of Lot’s wife and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah who neglected or rejected God’s word and make sure that we heed the warnings given to us.

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