Judas the Traitor

The name “Judas” has now become synonymous with betrayal and selling out a friend. But there’s much more to Judas Iscariot than just being a traitor. What would make a dedicated disciple of Jesus turn on Him after following Him for 3 years? The gospel writers indicate that Judas had a problem with greed and was a thief. It’s entirely possible that Judas wanted to be a faithful disciple of Jesus, but Satan used his lust for money, enticing him to betray Christ for 30 pieces of silver. We all have weaknesses that Satan can use against us that can cause us to sin. Judas was no different. Once Judas realized the gravity of his sin, he expressed remorse and tried to return the silver. But instead of bringing forth fruits of repentance, he went out and hung himself. The legacy he leaves is one of betrayal and a failure to repent and make things right while he had the opportunity.

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